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Would you be surprised if you heard that your bag hasn't been finished yet?

We always said that we complete the bag in 80% and the remaining 20% is finished by customer's habit.

Vegetable tanned leather is a natural leather, it absorbs the traces of our life, it matures without ruining. The natural ageing does not compromise its resistance. It reveals the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth. The colours of tannins give the leather an unmistakable warm and brilliant shade that becomes more intense with the passing of time and the daily use.

Normally, when things are getting old, they will lose their value. But Artemis leather bag is totally contrary. The more you use the leather bag, the more its value increases with the passing of years, creating a deep atmosphere.

Please spend 2 to 3 years, you can see that the bag will be completed by you. Then you can enjoy the unique, beautiful aging color with your great partner!

  • aging2
  • aging3
After 1 year, camel color has been changed to beautiful honey color with brilliance.
After 2 year, customer shows us her beautiful wallet.
After 1 year, even it is black color, you can see the leather became shiny and softer.
After 2 year, the bag has been completed.